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Aiming to improve everyone’s life, one app at a time.


  • Padlok


    Still looking for the codes?

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    Lighting speed sharing!

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    Something new and crazy…

If you write something about my apps, press kits are available on their respective websites.


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  • ⨳ RuleKitSwift

    TipKit style API to trigger foundation notification, or a closure callback based on events and condition.

  • ⨳ ScreenshotKitSwift

    ScreenshotKit allows to generate you app screenshots in a few seconds for all languages, with a single unit test target.

  • ⨳ UUID ShortenerSwift

    UUID shortening to any base, for usage in urls.

  • ⨳ Aln SymfonyPHP

    A pure PHP Symfony implementation to replace my cat feeder API