For the people who knew the blog before this update, it’s completely gone.

Why ?

Because I used Dotclear, and it didn’t really fit my needs. There were no multilingual possibility, and it was too complex compared with my real needs. There were also an issue with the Dotclear’s comment system, polluted with bots. So I decided to retire it.

Now I use Jekyll, and it’s really great. It allow to generate a completely static website !

If you’re interested by getting started with Jekyll, you can check this blog that have plenty of Jekyll related posts. A must see !

Mais où est le Français ?

All the articles were in french, but from now on, I decided the main language of the blog will be english. Indeed, english is by far the main language of programming articles over the web. But it still think accessible french version of iOS related articles would be great on the web, this is why I work on a french version of each article !