Internet of Things

Aln Node.js


A replacement API intended to communicate with my cat feeder machine ; because the original API was full of security flaws.

iOS Libraries

Recording Overlay


Adds a border layer of the color of your choice around the device screen. Perfect to show an active state, or a recording state.

Image Utility


Helpers API performing image operations on UIKit images. Support resizing, cropping, scaling, color operations and trimming.

People StackView


StackView with overlapping to present multiple round profile pictures beautifully.

iOS Apps

KSP Companion


Little physic tool to help performing transplanetary injections in Kerbal Space Program. Wasn’t open-sourced before it got removed from the AppStore by KSP owners.

Eurodisney iOS


Very simple app to provide wait times & opening times & show times at Disneyland Paris. It used a homemade API ; that is now down.

Minimal Minesweeper


Minimalist implementation of a Minesweeper for iOS using Swift & SpriteKit. Not maintained/updated for a while ; and uses iOS 8 design code ; a bit outdated.

Sudoku Solver


Small experiment made out of Swift and UIKit, solving Sudoku manually entered in the App. Was created at the time I was learning iOS development, Swift & UIKit.

PDF Reader


Coded for an interview exercise. The idea was to make an iOS app that could open PDF file in a few hours of time, featuring page thumbnails preview. It was created before PDFKit awesomeness.


Dean's Blog


This current blog, made out of Jekyll.

Affres de Reivax


A Jekyll mini-site to distribute small french audio dramas made by Reivax, a friend of mine.

Café & Lembas


Website created in 2012 to promote and distribute a french audio drama ; Café & Lembas ; and all related informations.

Advent of Code

AoC Swift Starter


A starter project to solve Advent of Code puzzles using Swift programming language.

AoC 2020


My solutions to Advent of Code 2020 challenges using Swift programming language.

AoC 2019


My solutions to Advent of Code 2019 challenges using Swift programming language.

AoC 2018


My solutions to Advent of Code 2018 challenges using Swift programming language.

AoC 2017


My solutions to Advent of Code 2017 challenges using Swift programming language.

Student projects

Go Game


Implementation of the Go Game, with graphical user interface, all rules (like Ko, Suicide, Komi…) ; and undo/redo save/load mechanisms.

Connect Four


Implementation of the Connect Four game using Haskell programming language, as part as a functional language course.

Milano Project


Image processing concept code ; using real-life footage in a city to replace a virtual camera in the 3D model of the same town. The sample town used for this project was Milan.

Portable GrayMap Utility


Portable GrayMap image format viewer, with implementation of very basics bitmap based algorithms. Support histograms, image resizing, color reversing, posterization and image thresholding